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Solar Torch

Solar powered flashlights or solar powered torches are flashlights powered by solar energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Most of these flashlights use light-emitting diodes lamps since they have lower energy consumption compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Solar powered flashlights vary in features and capabilities. A typical solar flashlight can give useful levels of illumination on objects up to 50 metres away, and beam may be visible for much longer distances. The solar cells used for battery charging have an indefinite life expectancy. A solar powered flashlight may give several hours of light after being charged during the day.

Solar powered lights need not be manually recharged as in the case of conventional battery operated flashlights. Pollution from discarded batteries used in normal flashlights is eliminated.Solar powered flashlights can be used in remote locations where it is impossible to find any source of electricity except for solar power.

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